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Anyone who has an interest or involvement in career, educational and vocational guidance, including career development may join IAEVG. We will be very happy to welcome you to our international community!

Membership fees

Membership fees vary according to category of membership and number of members if you are an association or a guidance provider. The size of an organisation determines the corresponding number of votes and of electronic accesses to the International Journal on Educational and Vocational Guidance (IJEVG)

Countries differ in their economic and developmental level in general in the different regions of the Globe. To ensure fairness, the IAEVG as a global association sets the payment categories based on the country where a member is located. This results in a four tier structure using the United Nations Human Development Index (HDI) as guideline for differentiated fees.

How can members determine their tiered fee?

I. Determine the Membership Category

Members should determine their category of membership first:

Cat. 1. Individual Members: practitioners, researchers, policymakers, etc.

Cat. 2. Institutions or Organisations NOT delivering educational, vocational or career guidance or counselling to (categories or segments) of clients. These can be educational institutes and schools, research and policy centres, ministries and organisations.

Cat. 3. Regional or National Associations

Cat. 4. Institutions or Organisations delivering educational, vocational or career guidance or counselling to (categories or segments of) clients by trained and qualified staff/professionals.

II. Indicate the correct number of members

For category 1 and 2, there there is a single fee which applies.  For category 3 and 4, membership fees are adjusted according to number of staff or members of the organisation. Choose the correct number from the menu to add the surcharge reflecting the size of your organisation.

III. Apply the discount code if you are eligible

Refer to the United Nations publication on Human Development Index (HDI) categories here HDI_2021-2022.pdf to look up in what HDI category your country is ranked: Very High HDI, High HDI, Medium HDI or Low HDI. The baseline membership fee is for the Very High HDI. Add the relevant discount code to your registration application according to the HDI level for your country:

Discount code for Low HDI = L-HDI                                         

Discount code for Medium = M-HDI                                            

Discount code for High HDI = H-HDI                                          


All fees are indicated in Euros. When you pay in a different currency, the exchange rate at that moment will be applied.


Countries with a critical economic situation or a suddenly collapsed economy can be offered an additional exceptional and temporarily discount as agreed by the IAEVG Executive Committee and authorized by the president in each case. Requests with substantial argumentation should be send to

 The IAEVG is a  non-profit-making association governed by the provisions of the law of Luxembourg

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