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Mission statement

The International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance provides global leadership in and advocates for guidance by promoting ethical, socially just, and best practices throughout the world so that educational and vocational guidance and counselling is available to all citizens from competent and qualified practitioners.

Aims of Guidance

The following principles constitute over-arching considerations related to the provision of guidance services.

1 Educational and vocational guidance, including career development, is a life-long process. Although historically most guidance services have been provided during the years of formal education or at the point of transition into training or employment, changing world conditions make it imperative that educational and vocational guidance services be provided throughout the life span, life-long and life-wide.

2 All people, regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, belief, disability, or sexual orientation, are entitled to educational and vocational guidance services from a competent practitioner, irrespective of their employment status, occupation level, geographic remoteness, the mode of compensation they receive, or whether they participate within or outside the formal labour market.

3 Educational and vocational guidance services can be offered through a variety of agencies, including (but not restricted to) schools, colleges and universities, community agencies, government departments, public employment services, trade unions, and private enterprises.

4 Those who need guidance should receive it from competent practitioners. In addition to preservice professional training, in-service training, and continuing education are essential for professionals that seek to provided competent and up-to-date guidance services.

5 Guidance practitioners’ responsibilities to the client may not always be discharged fully by direct service to the individual. Therefore, practitioners have the right and duty to engage in advocacy with those who influence and control the range and number of opportunities available to clients.

History of IAEVG

"The act of and presenting information about the International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance (IAEVG) over its 60 years of existence has been a major undertaking by Bernhard Jenschke and I warmly thank him and congratulate him for his work which the Executive Committee has endorsed as an oficial IAEVG publication. In undertaking this task he has created something of value for us all."

Lester Oakes, former president of IAEVG (2009-2015)


Board of directors
2015 - 2019

Suzanne Bultheel


Laurent Matte

Secretary General

Beatriz Malik


Raimo Vuorinen


Gideon Arulmani


Nancy Arthur


Bill Borgen

Tibor Bors Borbély-Pecze

Gabriela Cabrera Lopez

Jane Goodman

Mary McMahon

Gert van Brussel

Peter Weber

Jean-Jacques RUPPERT

co-opted non-executive and non-voting member of the Board of Directors

Executive Committee
2015 - 2019


Suzanne Bultheel


Laurent Matte


Beatriz Malik


Nancy Arthur

Gideon Arulmani

Raimo Vuorinen

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