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EVGP accreditation to be wound down

The IAEVG Board has come to the decision after much deliberation and consideration, that it must wind down and ultimately discontinue the Educational and Vocational Guidance Practitioner Credential (EVGP). This decision was not taken lightly. The IAEVG Board has had an EVGP subcommittee working very actively over the last few years. It observed that the duration, intensity and content of courses being submitted as proof of competence varied greatly. In order to adequately review submissions to ensure consistency across applications, specialized expertise and considerable time is required. Unfortunately, since the IAEVG Board and subcommittees are composed of volunteers, there is concern that this level of review is beyond its scope at this time. It was also noted that the demand for EVGP accreditation has not been as successful as expected. Despite of all the efforts put in for many years and especially by the EVGP subcommittee over the last 3 years, today there are fewer than 69 professionals accredited. Further, more than half of those who have been accredited at some point, did not renew their EVGP accreditation.

These observations were presented to and debated by IAEVG General Assembly during its meeting at Gothenburg, Sweden on the 3rd October 2018. The decision to discontinue the EVGP was upheld by a large majority of the General Assembly.

The final decision therefore is that the IAEVG’s EVGP credential will be wound down and discontinued over a period of 3 years. The implications of this decision are as follows:

The IAEVG is acutely aware of the investments the present EVGP holders have made and of the long term plans that may have been formulated around the EVGP both by individuals and organisations. With the intention of reducing the impact this decision could have, the IAEVG makes the following offers as a gesture of good will:

At another level, the IAEVG is taking a broader view through updating the International Competencies for Educational and Vocational Guidance Practitioners that were approved in 2003, based on a recent survey of IAEVG members. In total 88 individuals responded to this survey from 27 countries. This will be an open access resource which course developers, practitioners, policy makers and others will be able to use as a guide to inform their work. The updated competencies will be posted on the IAEVG website by the end of December 2018.

We want to take this opportunity to applaud you for investing in your own professional development and for your commitment to be an EVGP holder (OR for investing in becoming a pre-approved training body and for your support and promotion of the EVGP). We do hope that your association with the IAEVG will continue over the coming years.